On November 7, 2010, the community gathered at Blue Hole Regional Park to break groundT. F. Harper & Associates LP will start construction this month. Some new facilities will be finished in time for the 2011 swim season.

Steve & Susan Thurber

Councilman Steve Thurber and Susan Thurber greet guests at the park entrance.

Mayor Bob Flocke speaking
City of Wimberley Mayor Bob Flocke
Front row: FOBH Director Steve Thurber, Hays County Commissioner Will Conley, State Senator Jeff Wentworth, City of Wimberley Council Member Bill Appleman.  Back row: FOBH Director Marilee Wood, Hays County Judge Elizabeth Sumter, City of Wimberley Council Member Mac McCullough, FOBH President Peter Way


Marilee Wood, Liz Sumter, Jeff Wentworth
(left) Friends of Blue Hole Director and liason to the City of Wimberley, Marilee Wood gives a history of the Blue Hole project. (right) County Judge Liz Sumter describes the County’s efforts to help create the regional park.
(bottom) State Senator Jeff Wentworth added his support to preserving the iconic Blue Hole site.


Steven Spears
Steven Spears, Design Workshop, described the upcoming implementation of his firm’s construction plans, including details about safeguarding the site’s unique ecology.

Horace Wilson, Jan Fulkerson, Dell Hood
Park Design Task Force Member Horace Wilson, Jan Fulkerson of the Texas Forest Service, and Dell Hood, a member of the Blue Hole Stakeholder group


Charlene Myers, Wendy Gumbert, Steve Klepfer
Friends of Blue Hole Executive Director Steve Klepfer points out park development plans to (L) Charlene Myers and Wendy Gumbert.


Jim Camp, Will Conley, Sherri Bilson
Hays County Commissioner Will Conley is flanked by the Hays County Parks and Open Space Advisory Board Members Jim Camp and Sherri Bilson.


Marilou & David Welp, Kate Johnson
Marilou Welp (L) and David Welp visit with
Kate Johnson of The Burdine Johnson Foundation.


David Baker, Margot & Bob Dussler
David Baker, Executive Director of Wimberley Valley Watershed Association, visits with Margot and FOBH Director Bob Dussler.


Key  Grisham-Blab & Suzanne McCord
Key Grisham-Blab of the Christopher Blab Memorial Fund to the Blue Hole Regional Park and FOBH Director Suzanne McCord


Carmin Way, Nona & Andy Sansom
Carmin Way of the Way Family Foundation,
Nona and FOBH Director Andy Sansom

Blake Dwyer
Blake Dwyer
splashes into Blue Hole from the rope swing to “break ground.”


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