2016 Donors and Members

Our deepest thank you to our 2016 donors and members. Your generosity is at the heart of Friends of Blue Hole Regional Park and our mission to restore and support.

If you would like changes to your posted information, please contact

Mission-overlay-on-field-with-fenceDiane and Jason Aldridge
Terri Allen
Pete and Rita Anderson
Gary and Kathy Arnold
Michael Bachers
David Baker
Gary and Martha Barchfield
Gary Barr and Mike Butler
Cynthia Beath
David and Ellen  Berman
Nix O. Boden
Dawn G. Bohot
Helen Bowie
Nick and Deb Bradshaw
James Braniff III
Susan L.  Brockman
James and Christine Byrne
Linda and Larry Calvert
Mike and Mary Castleman
David and Cathy  Cochran
Letha  Cole
Mary and Larry  Craddock
Billie and Dodie  Crockett
Kate  Crosthwaite
Braden and Amy Davis
Edward Davis
Sheryl Cook Davis
Rebecca  Denton
Wayne  Dillen
Bob and Margot Dussler

camp-creek-1Tinka Eoff
Debra Fincher
Ginger and LaRay Geist
Ruth Ann and Warren Gilbert
Lauren G. Hall
Tom and Emily Hausler
The Jacob and Terese Hershey Foundation
Mel and Margaret Hildebrandt
Matt Hovis
Michael and Catherine  James
Mary  King
Kirk and Laura Kistner
Stephen Klepfer and Randa Ryan
Knights of Columbus
Daryl Kunik
Charles and Lucy Lamme
Amelia  LaSalle
Barbara  Latimer
Angel  Laughlin
Katherine Ledbetter
Nora Linares-Moeller
Jane Little and Cara Wernli
Anne and Harvey Mabry
Anna Madrona
Jackie and M Mattice
Jim and Jean McMeans
Jeff Meisenhelder
Rick and Joanna Millinor
Moeller Family
Carly and Vintage Blue Hole girls in a canoeJohn Montez
Lauren Moorman
Patricia Muehl
James and Nanette Neff
Susan Nenney and Louis Parks
Carolyn Nichols and Linda Bingham
Mary Northern
Carolyn Oddo
David Oddo
J. Oddo
Stephen Oddo
Nerissa Oden and Joe Vitale
Charles and Tazuko Parker
Marianne Payne
Renee Pepin
Allan and Barbara Pevoto
Judy and Lloyd Provost
Karen S. Rust
Bill Ryan
Janet Sanders
Rikky Rivers and James Shultz
Thomas D. Simmons
Tom and Sue Speck
Raymond and Charlotte St. Germain
Star Antique
Tara Stein
Thomas Sudderth
Lindsey Taucher
Mary Ross Taylor

boy-on-swingSusan and Steve Thurber
Carolyn Vogel
Peter and Mary Faye Way
Scott and Carmin Way
Andrew and Lin Weber
David and Marilou Welp
Anna White
Wimberley Community Civic Club
Donald and Jill Wood
Marilee Wood and Tevis Grinstead
Temple Wynne
Sam and Linda Young
Susan Zimmerman