2017 Donors and Members

Our deepest thank you to our 2017 members. Your generosity is the engine that drives Friends of Blue Hole and our mission to develop, restore and support Wimberley’s Blue Hole Regional Park.

If you would like changes to your posted information, please contact

Mission-overlay-on-field-with-fenceGary and Paula Amaon
Pete and Rita Anderson
Dede Armentrout
Gary and Kathy Arnold
Michael Bachers
Gary and Martha Barchfeld
Gary Barr and Mike Butler
Sylvia Bartay
Cynthia Beath and Denny McCoy
Raylene Bell
David and Ellen Berman
Bruce and Claire Billingsley
Nix O. Bodden and Beth Zimpelman
Helen Bowie
Martha Boyd
James J. Braniff, III
The Brown Foundation
Donna Browning
Rachel and Matthew Buchanan
Stephanie Burghard
Linda Busby
Shirley Buvens
James and Christine Byrne
Judge Andrew Cable
Linda and Larry Calvert
Sherri and Michael Colca
Billy and Dodee Crockett
Sheryl Cook Davis
Allison Davis
Rebecca Denton
Diane and Jim Drew
Bob and Margot Dussler
Bob and Donna Elkins
Experian Information Solutions
The Jacob and Terese Hershey Foundation
Tom and Gina Fulkerson
Mary and Bob Fulton
Edward and Carolyn Galle
Ginger and LaRay
Bryan Hale
Tom and Emily Hausler
Jim and Gene Henderson
Margaret and Mel Hildebrandt
Karen Hillier
Dell J. and Gerin Hood
D & D Insurance and Angie Dahl
Lance Jones



Keep Wimberley Beautiful
Mary W. King and Susan Lewis
Stephen Klepfer and Randa Ryan
Martha Knies
Dorothy Knight
Charles and Lucy Lamme
Linda Lang
Amelia LaSalle
Angel Laughlin
Katherine Ledbetter
Jane Little and Cara Wernli
Claudette Lowe
Gerald Macedo
Cari Marshall
Bill and Patricia Martin
Jackie and M Mattice
Richard McBride
Charla and Vance McCracken
Cynthia Miller
Patricia Muehl
Deborah Nelson
Susan Nenney and Louis Parks
Mark Nibbelink
Carolyn Nichols and Linda Bingham
Charles and Tazuko Parker
Renee Pepin
H. Russell Pitman
Jeri Porter
Judy and Lloyd Provost
April Rapier
Bert and Julie Ray
Cliff and Lois Raymond
Karen and Arthur Rogers
Karen S. Rust & Angels for Elders
Al and Jean Sander
Leona Schobel
Jim Shultz and Rikki Rivers
Thomas D. Simmons, Jr.
Winifred Simon and Shirley Danforth
Robert Smith and Judy Campbell
Steven Spears and Rebecca Leonard
Andy and Nona Sansom
Sue and Tom Speck
Candy Spitzer
Patsy Tate
Mary Ross Taylor
Susan and Steve Thurber
Martha Thurber
Scott Todd and Ed Pope
Carolyn Vogel
Carolyn Walker and Norman Long
Liz Ward
Scott and Carmin Way
Peter and Mary Faye Way
Andrew and Lin Weber
Loyal and Anna White
Molly White
Wimberley Community Civic Club
Women’s Guild Chapel in the Hills
Donald and Jill Wood
Marilee Wood and Tevis Grinstead
Rickey and Dee Wright
Susan Zimmerman and Herb Smith